Whitelisting Lottery: Win a Guaranteed Matrixswap Allocation Before Its IDO on Cardstarter

The community has come out in full force to support Matrixswap so far, and for that, the team is forever grateful. So grateful in fact, that we have decided to hold a special campaign to re-allocate a portion of the team’s tokens to make room for additional community members to acquire a guaranteed allocation towards Matrixswap before our IDO on Cardstarter.

Having a great community is the lifeblood of any crypto project so it’s only fair to award new & old fans of Matrixswap.

Winners of this whitelisting will have a chance to allocate up to $175 USDT towards Matrixswap and receive $MATRIX tokens at our IDO price ($.10). This gives users a chance to invest in a visionary project at a price only Cardstarter registrants can receive.

Whitelisting Lottery Process

This Whitelist Lottery process will be conducted through a lottery system in which qualifying participants must complete a series of basic tasks. The more tasks each user completes, their chances of winning a guaranteed slot improves.

Details of The Whitelisting Lottery

Your objective: Earn points by completing the required tasks for your chance to win a whitelisting directly with Matrixswap.


20 guaranteed whitelisting allocations for Matrixswap (users can purchase up to $175)

Total # of Winners: 20
Date: Wednesday, August 25th to September 1st

The more entries you can get by completing all of the tasks, the higher your chances of winning an allocation.

Winners will be chosen at random based on participation. Allocations will be collected by the Matrixswap team, not Cardstarter.

How to Participate -

⚠️ Disclaimer: Be advised that we will never ask you for money. Make sure to follow official channels for announcements. Please be careful of scammers.⚠️

About Matrixswap

Matrixswap is a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol deployed on the Polkadot and the Cardano blockchains. Unlike traditional AMMs, users can long or short any assets’ perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. Matrixswap aims to be a fully community-owned and governed Defi protocol.

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Trade decentralized perpetual futures with up to 25x leverage on Polygon, Polkadot, & Cardano.