Giveaway: Win a Red Pill NFT ‘Charged’ With MATRIX Tokens

Win a Red Pill NFT

In preparation for our highly anticipated IDO launch on Cardstarter (official date coming soon!), we are hosting an incredible giveaway for our growing community.

It isn’t surprising that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and digital assets are getting more popular by the day. With that said, we decided to create unique “Red Pill” NFTs to give away to Matrixswap supporters. But…

These are no ordinary minted NFTs

Our Matrixswap Red Pill NFTs are charged with MATRIX tokens ranging from $100 to $500 (pre-sale IDO price 😉). What this means is that you’ll not only have a chance to own an exclusive Matrixswap NFT, but you’ll also receive a mini “airdrop” of MATRIX tokens.

This is made possible by our friends over at Charged Particles. The Charged Particles protocol allows users to deposit ERC tokens, in this case, MATRIX tokens, into any NFT.

Super cool, right?

Screenshot of our Red Pill NFT

Details of the Red Pill NFT Giveaway

Your objective: Earn points by completing the required tasks.


  • Rare — 20 Red Pill NFTs charged with 1000 MATRIX tokens each.
  • Epic — 10 Red Pill NFTs charged with 2000 MATRIX tokens each.
  • Legendary — 2 Red Pill NFTs charged with 5000 MATRIX tokens each.

(Tokens are pre-sale IDO price 😉)

Total # of Winners: 32

Date: Wednesday, August 11th to August 25th

The more entries you can get by completing all of the tasks, the higher your chances of winning an exclusive Red Pill NFT.

The Matrixswap team will choose winners at our discretion based on points and tasks completed. NFTs will be sent to the winner’s ETH address they provide.

How to Participate -

⚠️ Disclaimer: Be advised that we will never ask you for money. Make sure to follow official channels for announcements. Please be careful of scammers.⚠️

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